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Travellers can enjoy fishing in Victoria

The Victoria inner harbour is a popular place for walking, sightseeing and shopping, partly because of the stunning ocean views that greet travellers at nearly every turn. There are several ways to get a little more involved with the water, however, and visitors who are feeling adventurous can take advantage of the halibut fishing season that is about to arrive. 

Throughout March and April, large numbers of halibut can be found close to Victoria's shores. Any size fish can be reeled in between March 15 and 31, allowing for some people to compete for the biggest catch, but after April 1 anglers will have to follow certain size restrictions. Even with these rules in place, everyone from beginners to expert fishers can spend some time enjoying the spring weather and calm waters in the B.C. city. 

After a day spent fishing on the open water, visitors can relax at their Victoria boutique hotel, such as the Magnolia Hotel & Spa. With elegant and comfortable rooms that are sure to help guests relax, the accommodation boasts everything that a traveller could need – including an on-site restaurant that may even be serving up fresh halibut if you'd rather just taste the fish than catch it. 

Enjoy spa vacations in BC’s capital city

Travellers enjoying a stay at a local Victoria spa hotel, such as the Magnolia Hotel & Spa will want to get the most out of their rejuvenating treatments. Luckily there are some tips that can help you enjoy your session to the fullest, whether it's your first time indulging yourself or you're a regular customer. 

The first thing you should do before arrival is drink water. Hydrated muscles respond better to massages as they are easier to manipulate, so you can maximize the advantages of a treatment just by making an effort to drink a few glasses of water before you head to the spa. In the same vein, you should also shower beforehand, as the water and steam will open your pores – don't hop in the bath immediately after the spa treatment, however, as you could wash away all of the beneficial oils and treatments. 

Conde Nast Traveler reports that visitors to the spa should also provide some feedback to personalize their experience. There's no harm in asking for certain music or mood lighting to enhance your session, and letting the spa worker know what you'd like to get out of a treatment and what feels best can make the entire spa experience better for you. 

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Royal BC Museum

There's no harm in indulging your sweet tooth every now and then. For travellers on Vancouver Island, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that, from snacking during an elegant tea time at a Victoria boutique hotel to stopping at local shops during a stroll around the inner harbour area. The Royal B.C. Museum is upping the ante, however, as one of its upcoming events is set to focus on the sweeter side of life. 

"B.C. Bites & Beverages: Victoria's Sweet Secret – 100 Years of Confectionery History" will celebrate the city's delicious relationship with candy and chocolate at 7 p.m. March 21. Historian Sherri Robinson will provide information about the old methods of production and creation, which attendees can listen to as they munch on samples of some modern-day offerings from local vendors. 

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time, so guests who will be in the area should make room in their schedules now. 

If you're planning on visiting Victoria for this sweet event or others, be sure to book a room at the Magnolia Hotel & Spa. Ideally located in the city centre, guests can walk to several nearby sweet shops or make their way to the Royal B.C. Museum for the special celebration. 

Ghost Walks shed a spooky light on Victoria’s past

Victoria may have a reputation for being among the most haunted cities in all of Canada, but its spirits don't just make themselves known around Halloween. Graveyards, historical sites and some urban legends have kept the spooky spirit alive and well in the City of Gardens, and curious travellers can take walking Ghost Tours of the Victoria inner harbour area to try and get a glimpse of these restless figures. 

One of the most popular offerings is Ghostly Walks, a tour of Victoria's inner harbour and Chinatown that brings travellers to some potentially haunted spots. The 90-minute walk is led by John Adams, a historian who has been bringing visitors around the city on these adventurous tours for several years. He usually encourages individuals to feel the spirits around them, tapping into the energy of different hot spots around the city, the Times Colonist reports. 

Favourite establishments like the Magnolia Hotel & Spa may not be haunted, but the boutique hotel still offers its own unique charm and elegance. It also boasts a convenient location right in the heart of the city, making walking the downtown area easy for any visitor. 

Cheer up in one of BC’s sunniest spots

Are you feeling the effects of the winter blues? The surefire cure for those cold weather doldrums is some good old-fashioned sunshine, and several spots in British Columbia can provide just that. 

Victoria is the province's sunniest spot, receiving an average of 2,193 hours of sun per year. Environment Statistics Canada claims that the B.C. capital gets more sunshine than any other major city in the nation, excluding those in the southern Prairies, Saanich News reports. 

In addition to the seemingly endless stream of sun, the city also boasts a relatively moderate climate, so locals and visitors can spend time outside at any time of year. That's perfect for exploring the Victoria inner harbour, which is packed with wharves, shops and eateries that regularly delight travellers. 

Luckily, there is an endless list of places in Victoria where you can go to enjoy the sunny outdoors. If you can manage to tear yourself away from the elegant Magnolia Hotel & Spa, take a stroll down to the inner harbour area and do some shopping or sightseeing. Exploring favourite spots in the City of Gardens, such as the Butchart Gardens, is also a popular pastime. 

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the newest exhibit at the Royal BC Museum

People in Victoria will be honouring the Chinese New Year during the month of February, but thanks to a new exhibit at the Royal BC Museum, visitors can get an inside look at this culture throughout the year. “Traditions in Felicities: Celebrating 155 Years of Victoria’s Chinatown” is the latest addition at the museum, and it gives all guests a peek into the city’s history. 

From February 7 to September 29, visitors to the museum can see the roots of this fascinating culture in Victoria. Historical artifacts, documents, paintings and other informational displays will be present as part of the exhibition, along with video installations and interviews with prominent members of the Chinatown community. 

“Traditions in Felicities showcases the distinctive heritage of Victoria’s Chinatown, both as an important early gateway between Asia-Pacific and North America and as an important site for Chinese-Canadian community development through the centuries,” Tzu-I Chung, history curator at the museum, told the Times Colonist. 

After a visit to the museum, guests staying at a Victoria boutique hotel like the Magnolia Hotel & Spa can make their way to the Chinatown district for some authentic cuisine or head to other historic attractions throughout the inner harbour. 

Victoria named Canada’s most romantic city

Love is in the air in Victoria. According to the latest rankings from, the British Columbia capital is the most romantic city in the nation, landing the coveted top spot on the fourth annual list from the website. 

Victoria rebounded back to the number one spot after falling to fifth in last year’s rankings. The online retailer selected the winner by looking at sales of romance novels, relationship books and romantic comedy movies in cities across the country to see which location’s residents feel the love, The Canadian Press reports. 

The B.C. city was followed by North Vancouver, which came in second place, and Waterloo, Ontario, which landed the third spot. 

Couples who make their way to Victoria for a romantic getaway have no shortage of equally stylish hotels to choose from. The inner harbour district is packed with top accommodations, and places like the Magnolia Hotel & Spa pack an old world elegance and charm into their walls. Travellers in search of the perfect place to stay while on an adventure with a loved one can find everything they’re looking for at this Victoria boutique hotel. 

PGA Tour Canada to open its 2013 season in Victoria

Golf fanatics will want to circle June 3 on their calendars, as that’s when the season gets underway in Victoria for the Times Colonist Island Savings Open. Set at Uplands Golf Club, the round should see some of the nation’s biggest names in golf going head to head as they battle it out for a strong start to the season – and the $150,000 prize that goes to the winner. 

“This is a very solid starting point for our schedule,” Jeff Monday, president of the PGA Tour Canada, told TSN. “Our goal is to provide our members with quality events with long-term commitments, which leave a lasting impact in the communities we play and we feel we are well on our way to achieving those goals. We are working on several opportunities to increase the number of events not only this year but in 2014.”

Fans who want to make the most of this event should plan trips to Victoria and the Magnolia Hotel & Spa in order to make the most of their weekend. With so much excitement stemming from the golf tournament, as well as all of the activities and attractions to take in around the inner harbour, travellers can create a memorable and action-packed weekend. 

The Romance Concierge Package at Magnolia Hotel & Spa

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with timeless elegance and charm at Victoria’s leading boutique hotel

(Victoria, British Columbia) – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Magnolia Hotel & Spa is pleased to offer the Romance Concierge package, for that special occasion, or to make any occasion truly special, whilst enjoying Victoria’s many romantic charms.

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