Travellers can enjoy fishing in Victoria

The Victoria inner harbour is a popular place for walking, sightseeing and shopping, partly because of the stunning ocean views that greet travellers at nearly every turn. There are several ways to get a little more involved with the water, however, and visitors who are feeling adventurous can take advantage of the halibut fishing season that is about to arrive. 

Throughout March and April, large numbers of halibut can be found close to Victoria's shores. Any size fish can be reeled in between March 15 and 31, allowing for some people to compete for the biggest catch, but after April 1 anglers will have to follow certain size restrictions. Even with these rules in place, everyone from beginners to expert fishers can spend some time enjoying the spring weather and calm waters in the B.C. city. 

After a day spent fishing on the open water, visitors can relax at their Victoria boutique hotel, such as the Magnolia Hotel & Spa. With elegant and comfortable rooms that are sure to help guests relax, the accommodation boasts everything that a traveller could need – including an on-site restaurant that may even be serving up fresh halibut if you'd rather just taste the fish than catch it.