Cheer up in one of BC’s sunniest spots

Are you feeling the effects of the winter blues? The surefire cure for those cold weather doldrums is some good old-fashioned sunshine, and several spots in British Columbia can provide just that. 

Victoria is the province's sunniest spot, receiving an average of 2,193 hours of sun per year. Environment Statistics Canada claims that the B.C. capital gets more sunshine than any other major city in the nation, excluding those in the southern Prairies, Saanich News reports. 

In addition to the seemingly endless stream of sun, the city also boasts a relatively moderate climate, so locals and visitors can spend time outside at any time of year. That's perfect for exploring the Victoria inner harbour, which is packed with wharves, shops and eateries that regularly delight travellers. 

Luckily, there is an endless list of places in Victoria where you can go to enjoy the sunny outdoors. If you can manage to tear yourself away from the elegant Magnolia Hotel & Spa, take a stroll down to the inner harbour area and do some shopping or sightseeing. Exploring favourite spots in the City of Gardens, such as the Butchart Gardens, is also a popular pastime.