Royal BC Museum hosts sleepover this weekend for families

Tourism in Victoria has never looked better, partially thanks to the latest exhibition in the Royal B.C. Museum: Race to the End of the Earth. Not only is the Antarctic showcase boosting attendance at the prestigious museum, but it's significantly increasing the number of visitors to this region of B.C., according to the Times Colonist. Rob Gialloreto, Tourism Victoria president, told the news source that 2013 is anticipated to have a 1.5 per cent increase – or more – in hotel occupancy, compared to last year.

"For the first time probably in the last five years, we are not just cautiously optimistic, we are flat out optimistic for the summer," Gialloreto told the news outlet.

He also shared the excitement surrounding the exhibition, and that many guests, visiting from nearby Victoria boutique hotels like the Magnolia Hotel & Spa, have stated that it's the type of display that they need to come and explore more than once because of its sheer volume of unique artifacts.

This weekend, Victoria News reports that the museum will host a family sleepover once the institution closes inside the new exhibition. Among the festivities, attendees will get to listen in on a live phone conversation with Becky Goodsell, who's situated at Base Scott in Antarctica.