Local temperature sets records

Spring has finally sprung across British Columbia, and it brought with it some soaring temperatures. Of course, this is good news for travellers and nature lovers alike, as the warm weather is perfect for spending some time outdoors in the Victoria inner harbour area. 

Temperatures on Vancouver Island and throughout Vancouver broke records Saturday, May 5, after a few days of high numbers. The Province reports that Victoria reached a high of 27.2 degrees Celsius, easily shattering the previous record of 25 degrees set in 1953. This warm front is expected to carry on for a few days and may be a sign of the sizzling things to come this summer. 

Areas around Victoria also experienced high temperatures, so travellers planning day trips around the region or those who simply want to stroll around the inner harbour area will have an ideal environment to do so. There are plenty of ways you can relax and cool down around the region, whether by casually enjoying a meal at an outdoor dining establishment on the water or shopping at some unique Victoria boutiques, so guests who want to plan trips to the Magnolia Hotel & Spa should be encouraged to visit the city.