Welcome to Vancouver Island

The rain drowned out another day on Vancouver Island when I arrived on Horizon flight 2388 bringing Southern California sun, which peered through Victoria’s clouds.

I stepped off the plane amongst trees and water, and quiet people. A nurturing feeling of spaciousness surrounded me, a feeling lacking in big city living like L.A.

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, a province located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

It is one of my favorite clean air getaways.

So breath-taking beautiful, I’m surprised more Americans aren’t walking about the streets right now. The exchange rate is fabulous. For a hundred American dollars I was given $120 Canadian.

My trip started Wednesday–a long day of travel–which started with the adrenaline rush of maneuvering heavy 405 traffic. But once I landed on the island amongst nature, all was calm.

I made it to the Magnolia Hotel, situated downtown in walking distance to everything including my favorite restaurant for good vibes The Irish Times. I had dinner there my first night, listening to the Irish band, Shag Harbour. This three-piece band is amazing, like a shot of adrenaline. The good kind.

And the views from my room 706 at Magnolia, could not be beat. When I opened the door to my room on the top floor, I gasped from the unexpected beauty reflected beyond high floor to ceiling windows.

The Parliament Building was lit up against a midnight blue sky. In the foreground, The Empress Hotel. That’s my photo above.

The scene reminded me of a small Paris. Or being that I’m from Los Angeles, Disneyland.


At my feet, was a fireplace to stay warm and cozy.

For all the news of poor weather and rain, the temperature felt quite mild and I was fine dressing like I do on a cool Los Angeles evening.

I’ll have more to say but it’s time to pack for the drive to Tofino… songs of seagulls outside to accompany me. After all, I’m only a few blocks from the Inner Harbour, too.