Magnolia Hotel & Spa Environmental Policy

The Magnolia Hotel & Spa

Environmental Policy


 The Magnolia Hotel & Spa is committed to operating our hotel in a sustainable fashion, leaving as little impact on the planet as possible. 


In delivering this commitment, we work to:

  • Identify our sustainable business commitments to our employees & customers.
  • Responsibly manage the environmental impacts of our business
  • Reduce energy and water consumption through efficiency and best practices
  • Minimize waste and pollution
  • Comply with all applicable environmental regulations
  • Appropriately handle and minimize use of hazardous substances
  • Factor environmental considerations into purchasing decisions
  • Train all staff in environmental management practices
  • Engage our guests in reducing our environmental impact
  • Continuously improve our environmental management and performance through an annual review process


The Magnolia Hotel & Spa has achieved 4 Green Keys under the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, and we are committed to bench-marking our audit and reviewing our progress annually.  We will deliver on our environmental commitment while maintaining the highest standard of service to our guests.

For more information about The Magnolia Hotel & Spa’s Environmental Policy and Programs, please contact:

Bill Lewis,

General Manager,




Formal Procedure For Dealing With Environmental Complaints

Environmental complaints are to be directed in writing or via email to the General Manager of the hotel.  The General Manager will first acknowledge the receipt of the complaint to the writer to include an expected investigation timeline and potential resolution back to the writer.

The Procedure for investigation will be:

  • All complaints are acknowledged as soon as possible after receipt
  • The General Manager and appropriate department heads will investigate the complaint and report back to the writer.
  • The complaint will be copied to the Area Director for Atlific Hotels who will be advised of the complaint and actions taken to resolve.

The complaint writer will be responded to with actions that will be taken to rectify the complaint.