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How to be a loner in Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC (October 2014) – Vitamin Daily By Adrienne Matei When you tell people you’re going to Victoria on Vancouver Island alone, in all likelihood they won’t be enthusiastic for you. But so-called “mainlanders” are downers, and you can tell them we said that because we’re close and they’ll know we’re kidding. Better yet, don’t… Read more »

Culture Dose: Vancouver Island’s Culinary Trail

Victoria, BC (October 2014) – By Corinne Whiting Feasting our way across some of BC’s hidden gems The challenge of visiting any island: Often, it takes work to get there. As a traveler, there’s not much within one’s control; choppy seas and foggy skies can lead to schedule delays that can’t be contested. Sometimes Mother Nature just wins. Yet this… Read more »